Dial Direct Personal Loans Reviewed

Dial Direct has been in the forefront of the South African market since the year of 2003. It is a company that draws from the rich pedigree of its parent company Dial Direct of UK. While the prime business of Dial Direct is to offer insurance policies to the citizens of South Africa, it also dabbles in the personal loans market.

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FNB Personal Loans Reviewed

First National Bank or FNB is one of the top four banks in South Africa. The bank that claims to be the oldest in the country is a division of the huge financial conglomerate, First Rand Limited. The following is a review of FNB personal loans.

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ABSA Personal Loans Reviewed

The ABSA group was previously known as the Amalgamated Banks of South Africa. ABSA has the distinction of being the largest bank in South Africa in terms of its consumer base. It is because of this reason that ABSA is considered to be one of the big four banks of South Africa.

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African Bank Personal Loans Reviewed

African Bank’s current owners began in the year of 1993 as Theta Securities. Through subsequent name changes and acquisitions, African Bank Investments Limited (ABIL) came into being five years later in 1998.

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Personal Loans – Easy Installments Provide Simple Answers

When one fails to adjust available financial resources to pay for small urgent expenses like house renovation, marriage expenses, for a vacation abroad or for buying useful electronic goods etc, one understands the importance of loans. They act as saviour when bankrupt and are applied to pay off for small requirements.

Many banks have lured customers by introducing different types of loans with better features than the ones offered by their rivals so that they can secure their positions in the competitive economic market. However, it is the responsibility of the customer to be absolutely sure of what is in store. A thorough online survey must be done to know the eligibility criteria, interest rate, processing fees, tenure within which one needs to repay and understand the terms and conditions of banks.

Features of personal loans are:

  • It is granted without the need of security using minimum paperwork thus obtaining an approval is hassle-free.
  • The amount granted is not used for only any specified purpose.
  • Time required for granting the loan amount depends on the timely submission of documents, which are minimal. Usually a time period of seventy-two hours is sufficient.
  • Repayment options are diverse and one can choose to pay through account debit or post-dated checks during a tenure ranging between one to five years.

It must be noted that these come at great cost as the interest rates are pretty high.

They are granted to both self employed as well as salaried people alike. The former must be within the age bracket, employed so that they can repay loans and must be a resident of the country having a valid residence proof. The latter have similar requirements including that they should have a minimum experience in the same business for a set time period.

The two important conditions one must look for are the interest rate and penalty on prepayment. Paying just the minimum due per month should be avoided as it varies according to the bank.

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