7 Tips For A Guaranteed Loan Approval

Personal loans can be a great way to solve cash flow problems. They can help you consolidate your debt, pay bills or help you out of an unexpected financial bind. Here are our top tips for getting approved.

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Happy South Africa

We’re always in the mood for some feel good South African vibes and this video completely captures the essance of our country, so go ahead and give it a watch it will make you smile from ear to ear. 

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Dial Direct Personal Loans Reviewed

Dial Direct has been in the forefront of the South African market since the year of 2003. It is a company that draws from the rich pedigree of its parent company Dial Direct of UK. While the prime business of Dial Direct is to offer insurance policies to the citizens of South Africa, it also dabbles in the personal loans market.

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FNB Personal Loans Reviewed

First National Bank or FNB is one of the top four banks in South Africa. The bank that claims to be the oldest in the country is a division of the huge financial conglomerate, First Rand Limited. The following is a review of FNB personal loans.

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ABSA Personal Loans Reviewed

The ABSA group was previously known as the Amalgamated Banks of South Africa. ABSA has the distinction of being the largest bank in South Africa in terms of its consumer base. It is because of this reason that ABSA is considered to be one of the big four banks of South Africa.

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